CU06997 Lecture 12 ; Exercises

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Ditch with a length of 700 m.
Bed-slope is 1:3000, Downstream bed level is +0, m N.A.P.
Downstream a weir; width 5 m, m= 1,7, level crest 0,7 m N.A.P, free flow.
Cross section; bed width 2 m, slopes 1:3, n=0,02.
Culvert; Length 20 m, width = 2m, height = 1 m, invert level + 0,5 m N.A.P., λ-value = 0,022, located 350 m upstream from weir.
Discharge (steady) = 1,77 m3/s
1) Calculate the equilibrium depth of the ditch, assume C=40 and average width = 3,5 m. Or use the  online excel file
2) Calculate the critical depth of the ditch. Assume a average width of 4,2 m
3) Calculate the water level just upstream of the weir
4) Calculate the water level at the culvert (downstream)
5) Calculate the drop of water level at the culvert
6) Calculate the water level at 700 m upstream of the weir
7) Will the water level in the ditch reach the equilibrium depth?
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