Category: Course Rural Water Management

Pumping stations

Some videos concerning pumps Some basics about pumps Animations centrifugal pump. Centrifugal pump in action Axial pump Archimedes screw pump Cavitation Popular explanation cavitation

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Video’s groundwater

I found some video’s about groundwater. The video’s are made by students (don’t know which university). 1.)Intro 2.)Vocabulary. For the Dutch students: Confined aquifer : afgesloten watervoerende laag Unconfined aquifer : Niet afgesloten watervoerende laag 3.) Groundwater flow and Darcy’s

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Exercise drainage

Exercise drainage, English and Dutch PDF Questions English  CU07821_5_exercise_drainage Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 PDF vragen Nederlands CU07821_5_oefening Vraag 1 Vraag 2 Vraag 3

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Exercise Rural

Information on the exercise Rural Water Management week 38 and 39. Link to computation exercise Link to text exercise, update 11-9-2013 Link Drawing version 1 as A3 pdf Link Drawing version 2 as A3 pdf Link Drawing version 3 as

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