CU06997 Lecture 3 ; Principles of flow

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Link to post with general video’s regarding the subjects of this lecture
Part 3-1 (3.14 min)

pressure, pascals law
Part 3-2 (1.38 min)

discharge, flow rate
Part 3-3 (4.02 min)

steady, unsteady, uniform, non-uniform flow
Animation classification of flows
Part 3-4 (4.13 min)

streamline, streamtube. one / two / three dimensional flow
Part 3-5 (4.40 min)

Conservation of matter
Part 3-6 (4.27 min)

Conservation of energy, Bernoulli, Total head
Part 3-7 (1.35 min)

Conservation of momentum
Part 3-8 (2.52 min)

Bernoulli without energy loss
Additional materialKhanacadamy fluid part 7 , 8 and 9

MIT open course ware
28: Hydrostatics, Archimedes’ Principle, and Fluid Dynamics
Click on video index Fluid Dynamics, Bernoulli’s equation (min 28.00 until 41.00 min)

Link to exercises
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