CU03287 Les 2 ; Hydrostatica

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Presentatie , update 28-2-2013
Deel 1 (3.13 min)

intro, hydrostatica
Deel 2 (2.55 min)

Druk en kracht in water
Deel 3 (3.43 min)

pressure head /  drukhoogte
Deel 4 (2.12 min)

Voorbeeld drukhoogte
Deel 5 (3.05 min)

Piezometrisch nivo, pressure head / drukhoogte, potential head / plaatshoogte
Deel 6 (4.05 min)

Pascals law
Deel 6a (4.49 min) update 1-3-2013

Atmosferische druk, absolute druk en relatieve druk
Deel 7 (1.41 min)

Archimedes principle, buoyancy /  opdrijving
Additional materialKhanacadamy fluid part 2 until 6MIT open course ware
Lecture 27: Gases and Incompressible Liquids
Click on video index Pressure and Pascals principle (min 0 until 7.30 min)
If you like you can watch the rest of the lectureMIT open course ware
28: Hydrostatics, Archimedes’ Principle, and Fluid Dynamics
Click on video index Archimedes principle (min 0 until 7.00 min)
Click on video index Floating objects (min 7.00 until 12.32 min)
Link to post with exercises


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